The human body is a machine. Machines need a service at regular intervals or they will not run sweetly .


John has been practicing as a sports massage therapist for 10 years. "Sports injuries and niggles should be treated quickly before they lead to something more serious that will affect your performance. Sports massage and deep tissue manipulation helps the healing process, improves the range of movement and will get you back to the levels of performance you were at prior to injury."

John works with a range of clients from the retired to both male and female professional athletes and is an essential member of the One Nation team.
Level 3 diploma in Swedish and holistic.
Level 3 Sports massage Diploma.



"I've been to see john a few times now and would really recommend him. I seen him recently with a knot in my leg, John worked his magic and BOOM! Woke up next day fresh as a daisy. Top man!"


"Top stuff as always. Recovery is key to performance and shouldn't be neglected! Get involved boys. John will explain in fine detail about his work and the benefits. I can't recommend him highly enough"


"My wife bought me a Gift Voucher for John Peverley Sports Massage...best present ever! He got right into the muscles in exactly the right places and I feel better than ever! Cannot recommend highly enough, brilliant work, thanks John see you next month!"

Started working with John at the start of my boxing camp, best thing I've ever done, it made a massive difference!

catering for all people from all sports

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I work with sports people of all ages & have been practicing for over the past 8 years. I work with sports clubs, teams & players faced with ongoing injuries and also use massage in the prevention of injury.  As you may know, sports massage can bring benefits to anyone suffering from short-term or long-term muscular aches and pains. It can be used to compliment physiotherapy and osteopathy, or can be used on its own.


Sports massage is particularly helpful for athletes and sports people. This is because exercise breaks down muscle tissues, whilst sports massage ensures it is rebuilt for maximum strength and flexibility. The massaging action stretches out the muscle tissue, allowing the body to rebuild it in the best way possible. Because of this, sports massage can benefit footballers, boxers, athletes, gym-goers and more.
My massage helps to work your muscles, tendons and ligaments. This improves their strength and flexibility whilst also helping to relieve pain, reduce stress and aid sleep. My services amongst others are: Deep tissue manipulation, muscle conditioning, tension/stress relief & repetitive strain injuries.


Thinking of a last minute gift for that special person in your life?

Look no further, my gift vouchers are available for a massage of their choice to include relaxing, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage and injury specific. A full consultation for any new clients. Posted out first class to yours or their address with a personalised message. Please contact me to arrange.

Tanya Webb - Bodybuilder

Putting her new body in good hands

"18 months ago needing a new challenge, I took up body building, with a view of competing in the near future. My weekly massages with John are essential to keep my body in tip top shape for the amount of effort I demand from it. John always works from many different angles from trigger point to deep tissue massage to manipulation so I can regain full flexibility.

I cannot overstate how thorough John is with both specific issues but general maintenance massage/treatment"

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